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5 Crucial Mobile Advertising Tactics For Small Businesses

November 13, 2013 · Kevin Bowers
There was a good article written recently by Danny Brown for American Express OPEN, calling out 5 mobile advertising tactics for Small Business.

In it, he called out:
• Seventy-two percent of small-business owners planned to increase or maintain their mobile ad spend this year, with 65 percent of these increasing their spending by up to 30 percent, according to a study by Borrell Associates of 1,300 small-business owners.
• Add to that the fact that Google and Facebook are shifting more of their revenues to mobile, and it’s clear that mobile marketing, advertising and purchasing is more than just a trend—it’s a key factor in how consumers prefer to do business in today’s marketplace.
The #2 tactic was: Use A Mobile Display Advertising Partner
Partner with a mobile display advertising partner.  The benefit of these partnerships is that you can create an inventory of products for a fairly low cost; the hosting is taken care of by the partner.
These types of advertising partners can help ensure your ad reaches a wider audience than traditional forms of digital advertising by placing your ad across their communities. Additionally, features like contextual ads work much like native advertising and ensure only the audience that would benefit from your product or service sees your ad, offering a higher chance of click-through and activity.
ZettaMobile lets your business compete with large companies that are targeting your local customers on mobile phones.  We can help you use your location as an advantage for reaching customers on their mobile device. Sign up today for a 30-Day Free Trial and see how easy it is to create an ad and start advertising to customers nearby.

Go here to read all 5 tactics: www.openforum.com/articles/mobile-advertising-small-business/?extlink=of-syndication-acq-p
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