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5 Reasons to Advertise Your Small Business on Mobile Locally

November 06, 2013 · Kevin Bowers
Your customers are always on mobileJoin the mobile revolution

1. Your customers are on mobile
The trend continues to use mobile devices to go online. 63 percent of US adult mobile phone owners use their devices to go online- this is twice the amount of cell Internet usage since 2009. Not only are more people surfing the Web and checking e-mail from their phones, but 21 percent of adult cell owners use their smartphone more than a computer to go online.

2. Location is everything
Mobile advertising lets you reach customers that are close to your business, but not necessarily right outside.  You can extend your reach, but target specifically to people that are close enough to come to your business

3. Real-Time Marketing for immediate response
Take advantage of the fact that mobile provides you with the ability to reach customers with a timely message.  Have a Happy Hour promotion? Extending your hours for the holiday season? A Grand Opening? Push a message to customers that give them an incentive to come to call your location or call your business.

4. Mobile advertising is more affordable than your other marketing efforts
You may be spending a lot of your marketing budget on expensive direct mail advertisements, local newspaper advertising, or discount couponing that eats into your margins.  Mobile advertising can help you reach thousands of people close to your business for a fraction of those costs.

5. Stand out with mobile display advertising
Display mobile advertising not only lets you use graphic images and text to promote your business, but it lets you stand out on the page.  Whereas Search advertising has you compete with other businesses in an all-text format, with Display advertising your message is the only ad a customer will see alongside content they are already choosing to see.  Your “real estate” on the page in a 300x20 banner ad is very noticeable.

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