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5 Self-Serve Solutions for Creating Location-Targeted Mobile Offers

July 21, 2014 · zettamobile
[As posted by Stephanie Miles on the site Street Fight, www.streetfightmag.com]

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The numbers don’t lie. Locally-targeted mobile ads are expected to reach $4.5 billion in the U.S. this year — an increase of $1.6 billion in the last year alone, according toBIA/Kelsey. As merchants search for creative ways to take advantage of location-targeted advertising, many are turning toward self-serve solutions for creating location-based mobile promotions.
Location-targeted offers give merchants a way to reach out to consumers directly based on their geo-locations, while going the self-serve route often helps decrease overhead costs for businesses with tight marketing budgets. Here are five options for merchants who are interested in creating their own location-targeted mobile offers.
1. mFlyer: Promote messages to the right audience at the right time.Designed specifically for small businesses, mFlyer is a mobile advertising platform fromMoasis that combines traditional paper flyers with location-based mobile technology. Businesses are able to create DIY promotions on the fly, and they can select the locations where they’d like to target potential customers directly. (In most cases, businesses opt to target customers nearby their stores or in the surrounding metro areas.) Location-targeted ads appear in more than 10,000 consumer apps, including Pandora, The Huffington Post, and Words with Friends. Finally, Moasis provides businesses with reports that offer feedback on their campaigns and show where their ads are performing best. Pay-as-you-go pricing for mFlyer starts at $15 per month.

2. AdLeads: Create ads that appear on top mobile apps.AdLeads has created a way for businesses to run both local and national mobile ads, based on their individual goals. Businesses decide who they want to see their ads—going down to the neighborhood level—and they use AdLeads’ ad builder to create their own promotions. The mobile ads they’ve designed appear on top of mobile apps in many categories (including music, entertainment, and education). Businesses pay based on the number of people who actually sign up to hear more from them based on their mobile ads. Although actual costs can vary, most businesses pay between 50 cents and $2 for each customer who opts to receive their offers.

3. ZettaMobile: Design and maintain location-based mobile ads.A self-service, location-based, mobile advertising platform for small businesses, ZettaMobile allows users to target customers within specified perimeters around their stores with mobile display ads that are distributed across a number of popular mobile apps and sites. Advertisers have complete control over the look and feel of their ads, and they can adjust the message or the timing to boost ROI at any time. For business owners who’d prefer a bit less work on the creative end, ZettaMobile can dynamically create mobile display ads, including graphics and text, for its clients. ZettaMobile is designed specifically for local businesses that want to reach local customers on mobile devices. ZettaMobile offers free 30-day trials, along with monthly subscription plans.

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