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5 Tips on Using the World Cup to Promote Your Local Business

June 25, 2014 · zettamobile
Did you just hear a loud roar coming from homes, apartments, restaurants and bars? If so, it is most likely the result of a goal being scored in the FIFA World Cup.

Every four years, the rest of the world’s most popular sport gets the spotlight and each time, it gets more popular in the U.S.; bringing in a lot of customers to local businesses like: restaurants, bars, sporting goods stores.

This is a great time for your local business to engage your community, while getting new customers. After all, it’s not just Team USA that is being watched, many fans are rooting for other countries around the world, as well.

The World Cup goes until July 13. Many bars and restaurants are expecting business to double that month, but other businesses can take advantage of World Cup Fever, as well.

Here are 5 tips on how your local business can get more customers:
1. Know when Team U.S.A. is playing.

We love to support the home team, especially when they are playing well. If you know when they are playing, you can create events around it.

Go here to see the full schedule: www.espnfc.us/fifa-world-cup/4/scores?season=2014

2. Offer specials around the World Cup.
If you are a restaurant or bar, create food and drink specials with World Cup themes. Offer reduced valet parking. Offer the specials during the days of the match.


3. Show your support.
If your business is not a restaurant or bar, you can still create a promotion around the World Cup: Decorate your business with patriotic colors and international flags/colors; Create a viewing party at your business; Give away items like small flags; Put signs up in your windows or outside your business


4. Use Social Media to promote your events.
Engage your existing online community, while extending it. Take pictures of customers supporting their teams and post them to your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Pages. Give an incentive for customers to promote your business when they “Like” your Facebook Page, follow you on Twiiter, or mention your business in a tweet. Create a custom hashtag they can use.


5. Use local mobile advertising to get customers to your location.
Attract more customers, than just the ones walking by. Let people nearby know that you are supporting the World Cup and promote your specials and events.  Reaching customers on their mobile devices can allow them to take immediate action! They can:
  • See where you are located
  • Call your business
  • Go to your site for more information
  • Send your promotion to their mobile devices
For a fast, easy and affordable way to start local mobile advertising for your business, try ZettaMobile. http://www.zettamobile.com/freetrial_v3.php
Within minutes you can be promoting your business.

Go Team USA!!
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