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5 Ways Mobile Advertising Can Help Your Small Business Attract More Customers for the Holidays

December 20, 2013 · zettamobile
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The next five days leading up to Christmas are a big time for local businesses.  All the procrastinating holiday shoppers, deal seekers, and people who are too late to have online purchases arrive on time make December 20-24 a busy time to shop.  The Saturday before Christmas, Dec. 21 this year, is the second busiest shopping day of the season after Black Friday.

An increase in traffic going by your business location is great, but there are ways to increase your exposure to nearby customers; and local mobile advertising is an easy, cost efficient way to reach them and drive them to your location.  You just need to give them a reason to stop in.

Here are 5 Ways Mobile Advertising Helps Small Businesses Attract Customers:
1.  Directions to your location. Let customers know they are just around the corner. Mobile device users can easily be led directly to your business using map features through their device.  Whether it is walking or driving, knowing how to get to your business is an important component to getting them in the door.

2.  Promoting the right thing.  You have to give customers a reason to come to your business and what you promote can be that trigger. For a retailer, a good rule of thumb is to promote in your mobile ad something you may display in your store window, some examples:


• Promote a sale, how much a customer can save (25% off Holiday Special)

• Promote a hard to get item that you have in stock

• Promote a special item they can only find at your location

3.  Use time to your advantage.  One of the great things about mobile display advertising is having the ability to implement real-time marketing and be relevant at a specific time.  Promote your business hours, so customers know when they can stop in.  If you have extended your hours for the holiday season, call that out!  Putting a message in your ad like “We’re open until 10pm tonight!” could attract customers that may think you are closed.

4.  Ability to call you, now.  Mobile advertising services, like ZettaMobile, offer mobile users a  “Tap-To-Call” feature that lets them instantly call your business.  This can allow customers to ask if you have a specific item, hold a product, or just find out more about your business.

5.  Make customers feel special.  Provide a special code word in your ad that can give mobile users a “secret” deal.  An example: “Come in today and say ‘Secret Mobile Holiday’ and receive an additional 10% off one item.”  (Just make sure your employees know about this as well)

Many of these same tactics will work for non-retail businesses, as well. For instance, if you own a food establishment, tell customers to take a 'break' from their shopping and stop in for coffee, or a bite to eat.  Recharge those holiday shoppers so they can continue to shop!

Try these tactics out for yourself through ZettaMobile and promote your business for the Holiday Rush.  Click here for a Free 30-Day Trial of mobile advertising.  You will be up and running in minutes.
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