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5 Ways To Increase Awareness For Your Local Business

May 16, 2014 · zettamobile

This week is National Small Business Week and at ZettaMobile, we care about helping local businesses succeed.

Whether your local small business has a physical location, or offers a local service, the need for reaching customers nearby is vital to the success of your business.  Below are five ways to increase awareness of your local small business:


1. Put Some Local in Your SEO
Increase your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by making some local adjustments on your website. Too often a business will create a website with the hope that it will just be “found” if someone searches on a few key words related to your business.

Well, it takes some effort to make sure that your site will come up in search results, so be sure to add some local terminology on your site. Be sure to pepper your site with terms that involve your location, like “best pizza in New York City,” or “cleaning services for the San Diego, Carlsbad, and Encinitas areas,” or “car service for Chicago with low fares to O’Hare Airport”

Try searching on your business the way a customer would find your business. Are you using those keywords on your site?


2.  Check Your Local Listings
There are many local directories out there and you need to make sure your business appears on as many as possible for a few reasons.
  • When people search for a product or service, they are doing it for the category.  Directories are engrained in search, they want your business to be found, but through their directory.  Let their effort be your benefit.
  • Having a listing adds credibility for your business.  Research shows that consumers trust businesses listed on reputable directories.
  • Most directories are FREE to be listed. The Directory may try to upsell you on enhanced features, but that’s optional.
Top Directories for your business:
  1. Google+ Local
  2. Facebook
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Yellowpages.com
  5. Yelp
  6. Local.com
  7. WhitePages.com
  8. Manta
  9. SuperPages
  10. CitySearch
Another important factor is being sure that your business name and information is consistent across these directories. You can do it yourself, or use a company like Yext that manages it for you (at a cost).


3.  Embrace the Power of Mobile Advertising!
Mobile advertising is made for local!  Over 52% of the US population, or two-thirds of mobile phone users, will access the internet via their device this year. (eMarketer)

Your business can reach customers as they search for local products and services, through a platform like Google AdWords. Or, your business can reach nearby consumers while they are on their favorite mobile apps/sites, through a service like YP, xAd, or ZettaMobile.

It provides the ability to target consumers directly around your business through a practice called “geo-fencing.”  Targeting local customers with the ability to drive them directly to your location, or ‘tap’ to call your business can provide instant impact.

ZettaMobile can even dynamically create your mobile ad and place it on popular apps/sites.

4.  Be Social
Using social media, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram can be a great way to connect with your audience. Using real-time marketing messages can help provide friends and followers with an incentive to come to your location, or use your services.

Food Trucks are a great example of using Twitter effectively.  They tweet their locations daily, promote new items, and offer specials.  Re-tweets from loyal followers help get the word out.

Word of caution: Use social media to connect and soft sell, if you abuse how often you push out promotional messages, you will lose friends/followers


5.  Yelp! You Need Somebodies
Yelp has become a monster for businesses.  What started as mainly a discovery and review site for restaurants has turned into a place for all types of business categories and sub-categories.

Customers may go directly on Yelp and search on a category in their location, or as they use search engines, like Google, Yelp will be on the first page with a link to that category.

Be sure to CLAIM YOUR BUSINESS! It’s free, and you want to make sure all the information like location and store hours are correct.

Encourage customers to find you on Yelp, but don't solicit reviews.  Peer reviews are important and help people make decisions to patronize your establishment, or service.  Do not be discouraged if you receive bad reviews. Use it as an opportunity to reach that customer and win them back.

Utilizing tactics like these will help your small business compete with the national chains that seem to penetrate neighborhoods across the U.S.


For more information on National Small Business Week: http://www.sba.gov/nsbw/nsbw
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