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How A Self-Serve Advertising Platform Helps Small Business Owners

April 03, 2015 · zettamobile
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Self-service sales models are growing in popularity. By doing away with expensive sales staffs and giving local merchants a way to buy ads or services through automated systems, vendors can keep acquisition costs low and also reduce churn.


Benefits of Self-Service Advertising Tools for Small Business Owners:
  • It keeps the cost of advertising affordable for local advertisers.  By providing an easy-to-use, self-serve tool for local businesses with an automated ad solution, there isn’t a production cost for to create ads. The savings are passed on to the Small Business Owner to receive more advertising.
  • We provide assistance to those that need it. Even though ZettaMobile is a self-service platform, we provide customer support when it is needed. We never want a customer to feel like we are not there to help them, so we allocate resources only to customers that ask for our help.
  • It’s a proven model. Many local advertisers are already familiar with self-service tools from using AdWords and Facebook. We strive to make using ZettaMobile for local mobile display within popular apps and sites even easier.
  • We believe that local businesses know their business and community better than anyone else. Providing them with an easy-to-use and affordable tool allows them to control their own advertising: image, copy, URL.
  • Real-time advertising.  Providing a self-service tool to a local advertiser means that their message can go live immediately.  If they have a special offer, a timely promotion, etc. they can execute their ads at that relevant time.
  • A self-service tool provides great insight into local businesses. Small Business Owners can learn for themselves what is working and not working from their ads. They can experiment with different images and messages to see what will resonate with local customers.
To learn more about how ZettaMobile's self-service platform can help your local small business, go to www.zettamobile.com; or provide your information here www.zettamobile.com/contactus.html along with the best time to contact you, and someone will contact you.
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