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Restaurants: Supercharge Your Yelp Listing with Mobile Advertising

March 06, 2014 · zettamobile
So, your restaurant is listed on Yelp, and it is even getting decent ratings.  Now you can kick back and let the customer find you, right?  Not really.

Yes, your Yelp listing is an important step to establishing a social presence and, to a large extent, your Yelp listing is effectively replacing your aging website to be the online destination of your restaurant.

However, that's not the end game.  Your Yelp listing is just there waiting to be discovered, but it takes someone searching your relevant category, or keyword, to surface it.  When it does surface, it appears with five of your local competitors.  Hey, you have a chance; perhaps your listing is the lucky one picked out of the bunch.  Feeling lucky?

You can always improve your odds of your restaurant listing being picked by paying Yelp for preferable placement of your listing; however it is still somewhat passive marketing, even if you have a business account with Yelp, actively manage your listing content, and respond to negative reviews.

Consider these approaches to proactively lead people directly to your Yelp page, without the distraction of local competitors:

1. Advertise Your Yelp Listing Page
Since it's now your restaurant's de facto web page, drive traffic to it.  Advertise it to potential customers that may, or may not, be using Yelp.  Buying media within Yelp may allow you to persuade someone already looking, however, promotion beyond Yelp may be the key in differentiating your listing and reaching new audiences.


•    Set a goal for how many views you want to achieve to your page
•    Be sure that you are happy with how your restaurant is portrayed first
•    If you have a special Yelp offer, call that out in your advertising.
•    Have great reviews? Emphasize them; peer reviews are very persuasive to customers


2. Advertise on Mobile
The best way to ensure your ads are only shown locally is via mobile advertising.   Only mobile device has the reliable location data, the same Lat/Long data that powers Google Map.  According to the Pew Institute, “74% of adult smartphone owners ages 18 and older say they use their phone to get directions or other information based on their current location.”

Besides that, people have their mobile with them at all times! What better place and time to reach them then when they are nearby and can either stop in or call?


3. Use a Self-Serve Platform
You have a limited budget, and you want to use it to its full potential. Cut out the middle man and go straight to self-serving platforms like Google Ad Words, Facebook, or ZettaMobile

Self-Serve platforms are quick and allow you to control your advertising.  Setting it up takes no time, no learning curve, and you don't even need a pre-made banner.  These platforms will do most of the work for you.  Just a few clicks later, your ad is launched.


4. Be Cost-Conscious
Don’t spend a lot of money on something you are unsure will work for your business.  Many companies will try to get you to spend thousands of dollars with the promise to increase your business.  Find advertising options that let you spend a set budget and won’t lock you into a long term commitment.

You should be able to spend under $500 to see if something works for your business before spending more.


5. Leverage the Analytics
If you are going to pay for promotion to your Yelp listing, you want to be sure it is worth the money.  Whether you are paying by the click (PPC) using Google AdWords, or buying ads for a specific number of local mobile impressions (CPM) using ZettaMobile, you need to understand if it is effective.

To know how your ad is delivering, you will need to use the reports provided by your ad platforms.  Make sure the advertising partners you choose provide detailed reporting that help you determine whether the advertising is helping you achieve exposure to your restaurant’s Yelp Listing.


All the above approaches are being done by big advertisers as no-brainers.  For smaller businesses, this seems new and unmanageable. But there are options for a local business to be competitive:


Google AdWords: General purpose ad platform used to help people find your restaurant as they use search on Google

Facebook Exchange: Used this to help if you want to rely on peer marketing, but only within Facebook

ZettaMobile: Local mobile display advertising platform used across popular mobile apps/sites. This is the only ad they see when they are on a specific mobile site like AccuWeather, VideoTube, Pinger, and many more..

With your Yelp listing and your mobile ad campaign to drive people to it, you will be so ahead of your competition and stay ahead for a long time.  Let's tap into the power of mobile and supercharge your social marketing!
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