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Why you need to claim your local business on Yelp

November 11, 2013 · Kevin Bowers
If you have a local business, it most likely is already listed on Yelp. But have you “claimed” or “unlocked” your own business listing on Yelp? Surprisingly, many local businesses have not. According to a recent survey by Merchant Warehouse, 87% of small businesses don’t actively use review sites like Yelp and 22% of small businesses with Yelp pages have never actually looked at their pages at all.


Why it is important to claim your business:
Like it or not, your business is going to be listed anyway
Yelp licenses basic business information from third party data providers who gather it from public records and other sources. They also get business information from Yelp users, who can revise the information on the page, or create a listing themselves if it doesn’t already exist.

Wouldn’t you rather be the one that makes sure your business information is right?

Claiming your business is FREE
It won’t cost anything to make sure all of your business information is accurate and you are representing your business the way you want it to be seen by customers. Sure, you will get calls from Yelp about how you can expand your listing through paid advertising and offering Yelp deals, and blocking competitive ads on your page, but that is all optional to you. You can still do a lot for free.


Claiming your business lets you represent it in the best way

When you “claim” your business, you are letting Yelp know that you are the one that owns the business, giving you the right to change your information on the page without needing to go through Yelp for approval. It will also ensure that there are not multiple listings created for your business.

This is what you control when you claim your business:

•  Your business name (the way you want it represented and spelled correctly)
•  Your business category (this helps how customers find you)
•  Address and phone number
•  Link to your website
•  Your photos (you can put include nice pictures of your business, products, logo, etc., and set the image you want as a thumbnail) Note: Yelp users can still upload photos
•  If you are a restaurant, you can include your menu and OpenTable.com for reservations
•  Create special offers or events
•  Basic Information about your business (Hours of operation, pricing, parking, etc.)
•  Detailed information about your business (Write in-depth descriptions of your business and services; let customers know why they should come)


You can communicate with your customers
Reviews are what Yelp is all about. You have the opportunity to connect with your customers and let them know you care. Once you claim your business, you can respond to comments publicly or privately. You would be surprised just how effective a “Thank you” note goes for a good review, or how reaching out to someone that posts a poor review can help change their mindset.

According to the Merchant Warehouse survey (3/13), 77% of small businesses that use Yelp say the site has changed the way they respond to customer issues and complaints.


Claiming your business will give you more insight
You will be able to track User Views on your business page and better understand how customers interact with your page.  This reporting goes beyond just seeing how many reviews you have.


You need to be ready for mobile
Yelp's mobile user base is now over 10 million. Yelp said about 62% of searches in the third quarter were in mobile and users will soon be able to add full reviews from their mobile phones. Claiming your business now will help you prepare for those customers better.


How to claim your business

To claim your business, you can either go here https://biz.yelp.com/claiming or go to your existing Yelp listing and click on “Work Here? Claim This Business” as shown:

Yelp Claim
Once you have your business claimed and set, ZettaMobile can help you drive customers to your Yelp page through mobile display advertising on other popular mobile apps and sites. See how easy it is to create mobile display ads and choose your mobile destination at www.zettamobile.com
Have you claimed your business on Yelp?   Let us know your thoughts on using Yelp for your business.
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